New affiliate partnership with Gambedotti Real Estate 


We collaborate with Gambedotti Real Estate   in order  to give a full help the dutch clients interested in buying a property in Italy

Do you wish to…

  • Buy a house, an apartment, a country house, a ruin to renovate, a historic building or a luxury villa?
  • Rent an apartment or a home?
  • Buy commercial properties(shop, bar, restaurant, etc.)?
  • Book a holiday in hotel, agritourism or Country House?
  • An interior design service for your home?
  • A home staging service to sell faster and better your properties?
  • Estimate on maintenance or renovation of your properties?
  • Have a small maintenance jobs made without worries about organization and budget ?
  • Financial service to buy your house or activity?
  • Transport service towards train station or airport?
  • Make a move by a specialized firm at a good price?
  • An interior design service for your home?

Specific services for trade with Italian and Foreign customers

  • Viewings organization. Flights transport and accommodation
  • Financial Services. Mortgages and currency transfers
  • Multi lingual lawyers
  • Local maintenance contractors
  • Design and remodeling services
  • Flat and Property Managing Contracts
  • Translations services in al languages, for dealing and registered contracts
  • Apply for the Italian tax number
  • Open a bank account in Italy
  • Guidance and counseling during the bidding process
  • Preservation of the Deposit
  • Guidance in the notarial transfer
  • Property Hunter
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Proposal for Financing
  • Mediate in utility service
  • Property management
  • Retrieval of cadastral data of property in the municipal archives( cadastral and cadastral plan)
  • Search of historical data in local archives and urbanistic conformities
  • Trade management and task of finding property through judicial auctions
  • Realization service of Energy Certificate (APE)
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